Spring in France

Skopu Weshcenter

Checking the Weatermap was not satisfying on Monday after the Croatia trip, lot’s of snow and crazy cold temperatures predictated. So I packed my van once again, bought some new camping stuff and drove via Germany and Switzerland to France. To make the Trip cheaper – I used an app called „blablacar“ and took a random guy from Lyon to Montpelier – was a nice dude.

In Leucate it was hammering for 3 weeks – almost everyday on 3.6 – full taquet, no mercy. I was so much on the water with legend Balz Müller that I got completly hooked with Windsurfing again. The best part about this trip was meeting so many old friends like Nico Akgacyan, Balz Müller, Rikki Marca, Loick Spicher,…and making new friends with some locals and foreigners…

The conditions can be really tough – even when there was no wind predicted I was fighting with flying water and huge chop! but all in all it was an amazing trip and I enjoyed my small vanlife to the max!

  • My favourite Spot in South France? I like the flatwater of Rouet, but also enjoyed the chop of the Teleski Lake
  • Where to go with Marin(South Wind)? Go to Lac de Ganguise…but hey 18knots can 45knots there – the Landscape is amazing anyways
  • Croissants? Everywhere!
  • Where to meet the other Windsurfers? Weshcenter
  • Don’t like it Deadflat, and Wesh is too crowded?! try La Palme, it’s sick!

What comes Next? Surfworldcup at my homespot: Lake Neusiedler! Cu there