About Max Brinnich

My life is all about Windsurfing, Sports, Travelling and having fun. Most of the time I windsurf in Freestyle Conditons - which for me is quite a big range. I like flatwater with strong wind as much as I like small to headhigh waves to go for big freestyle tricks. For this Winter my goal is getting better in jumping on small waves and big ones. My favourite spots are all over the world - I really love my homespot Podersdorf at the Campbay, but one place I always come back to is Tarifa. In 2010 started with building my first Carbon Fins - two years later a lot of good riders were already riding my BR Fins. I love working with my hands, fixing surfequipment and experenting - so my fins progressed fast. I am still completly convinced my Carbon Freestyle Fins are the best on the planet. Because of this reason I changed my Boards to handmade customboards out of Europe! I am riding magic Flikka Boards! Sick shapes, sick weight, sick performance, sick colors and undestroyable. I also love to do video and photoprojects - with my partner JBL I realize 

Name: Max Brinnich

Nickname: BR

living in: Vienna

Hobbies: Photography, Filming and Editing, Standuppaddeling, Surfing, Running, Building and Reparing things

Favourite Discipline: Freestyle

Favourite Sail: North Sails Idol LTD 4.4

Favourite Board : Flikka Freestyle Custom 92l

Favourite Moves: Shaka, Ponch, Kono

Favourite Spot: Podersdorf, Lake Neusiedl

Words to live by: Do what you love - love what you do!

Partners: Upside Down, Flikka Boards, North Sails, Chiemsee, Ford Beyschlag, JBL, Jaklar, BR Fins