After destroying quite some production boards - I found my homebase with Flikkaboards already 3 seasons ago. The boards  are shaped by Luka Jures in Lubjana, tested in the adriatic sea the boards are just unbelievable - and they last forever. Right now I am riding a quite extreme shape. I would call it a compact Freestyleboards (208x62).  Thanks for letting me be part of it!

Surfshop Upsidedown

While I am writing this lines, I just realized its already my 9th season being part of the USD Team. Probably this is also one of the reasons, why the guys from the Upside Down Surfshop are my something like a family for me. Thank you for all the bbqs, trips, sessions and sail repairs. 


North Sails Windsurfing

New on North Sails. This means I use the 2018 Idol LTD in 4.0 - 5.2 for Freestyle and I ve some Super Heros aswell for some Wave adventures. For the masts I choose the Platinium RDM, but I ve also using a Gold RDM in 370 quite a lot in 4.4 recently - which works good for me. 


It's already my third year in the CHIEMSEE Family and it's really nice to be part of the Team. Thank you to Pami and Chris, who are always up for my ideas and support my video projects. 


Mid of 2015 I signed up with JBL. They help me to promote Windsurfing in their Imageclips and I really love their splashproof Audio Products. Right now we finished our second Imageclip and everybody is loving the combination of great tunes and the positive vibes of Windsurfing.
Right now my favourtie Gadgets are the JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker for the aftersurf beachparty and the brandnew JBL Everest 700 for listening to music while travelling and preparing for a session. As some of you maybe know, I love to windsurf with music - for this part I use the Yurbuds Venture Pro.  

Ford Beyschlag

Mid of 2015 I signed up with Ford Beyschlag. Since then I ve been riding a brand new Ford Transit Custom Van. I totally love it. Thx to Jürgen Goldsteiner, who made this possible.