Sri Lanka 2017


Back in Europe, back in reality, but hey this trip was the hell of a ride. Epic. From the Windsurfside of life it was a lot of lightwind Windsurfing – I was most of the time on my 5.2 Idol LTD 2018 and my 100l Flikkaboards Freestyle (but the compact one with just 210 length, an epic board btw). After the 4 weeks in Sri Lanka, I ve to say I got better in those lightwind conditions and in the end I got some proper sessions with my 4.8 aswell. Some days I could use even my 4.4.

Windsurfing in Sri Lanka from Max Brinnich
But what made this trip an incredible one? That’s actually hard to say, but I like the friendly local people, the food, the cultur, the adventure aswell the amazing DESILVA Windresort Crew. Beside Windsurfing in Kalpitiya in the North West of Sri Lanka, I traveled also down to the south to catch a few waves in Weligama, as there was no swell in the famous Arugam Bay.
What’s also great about Sri Lanka is, that you can check some cultural places and somehow they have a lot of energy – hard to describe.

Anyways there will be a few videos dropping soon – SEEN 6, JBL Sri Lanka Stories and probably a Sri Lanka Impressions Videos aswell. And I will give you a proper Sri Lanka Story and Guide aswell on my page in the following weeks, so stay tuned.

Whats next?! Actually I am trying to make a winterplan these days, looks like I am heading to Brazil in the end of October.