Fuerte 2017 + new Video

Soooo thats it for Fuerte! Anyway it was quite windy haha. I realized one more time that 4.4 is the perfect sailsize, I learned how to Pasko on the way in, I ducked my sail 200 000 times, I tried to loop on my bad tack, and I crashed around 1 000 000 sailducks – ah yeah and I survived 55 knots with 4.4. My highlight of the trip was a lonely evening session with 4.0 and my waveboard  -with waves. I could ride them and really play on it – unfortunatly we thought this happens more often and did not film – yes, because of the flying sand – so we missed all my best session. Anyway I put together a quick edit at it would be sad not to use the footage as some of the shots are pretty good, while some shots are not that brilliant. Anyways thanks to Theresa who made this video possible. We are going to Sri Lanka already this week – so there is more coming… very soon!