Austrian Championships 2014

I am still not sure if I should be happy or sad about the result from yesterday. I sailed some really solid heats – just lost against my friend Max Matissek Windsurfing in the Single – when I also sailed a good heat. Was 3rd after the Elimination and in the Double I had also two really good heats but unfortunatly both got resailed – in my last one I went absolutely big on a Airshaka – crashed and dislocated my shoulder. But on the otherside I am happy with my performance and for my friends who made it on the podium, but on this day more could be possible. After destroying my ankle in Sri Lanka now this feels like it’s a never ending story of getting hurt, anyways I will try everything to come back much stronger than I was in 2014.


Max Brinnich heading to the Water Max Brinnich Spock Max Brinnich