Autumn in Austria 2018

Max Brinnich Windsurfing

Wow. That has been the best Autumn in Austria, since I ve been Windsurfing! The bridge was going of, a lot of perfect south-east wind days, really awesome conditions I could share with some of my best friends. I think after travelling so much the last 1,5 years coming home and sail almost every single day at the spots where you grew up, is just as good as it gets! When the South Wind kicked in September me and my buddy Jo started working on a proper Windsurf Action Clip straight out of Vienna. It will take part in the Panasonic Windsurf Video Competion hosted by, it will be online pretty soon!

Beside ripping up the Danube we got some storm days on Lake Neusiedl aswell. Hell yeah, nothing beats the feeling of being totally overpowered in some pure flying water gusts, two days stayed in my mind: First we experienced a massive NW day in Podersdorf. Flying water everywhere, measured windgusts up to 120km/h, me totally stacked on my Idol LTD 3.6 and my small Flikka FS Board. WHAT AN AWESOME DAY! A few days with SE directly followed the big storm, and guess what it got even better.

Windsurfing in Vienna

THE DAY of the Year!

If you were following my stories on social media or here, this year Neusiedl was a bit of my Kryptonite, I just did not get warm with the spot during the EFPT Event there. Anyways a forecast popped up which predicted up to 45knots South Wind. Usually I would go to Weiden, but my friend Luki convinced me to give Neusiedl another try. Already on the way there, I heard on the Radio that’s up to 100km/h South Wind in Neusiedl. I was excited. After a few runs on my 4.0, I changed down to 3.6. And I was sailing until it got dark, as it was just THE DAY OF THE YEAR. I think for me it was also a gamechanger. As I finally realized I can land also the hardest moves in not ideal conditions when I pulled of my first planning shifty and some crazy Airfunnel Burners and Kabis in the mega chop. I think it has been at least one year that I ve been so stoked about Windsurfing! And for sure my personal highlight of 2018, which is crazy when you think back on what kind of dream spots I ve been, that I still find the biggest pleasure at the place where I grew up, where I learned to Windsurf and what I call my home!


What’s next? Right now I need to catch up with some projects I was working on the whole year to still push it out. There are three Windsurf Videos coming in the following weeks – so prepared! The plan is to squeeze in at least one or two Croatia trips now in December for some R&D Work on new Flikkaplans. I would love to hit the mountains aswell, as I ve a really cool new Cooperation coming up. Anyways latest in Jannuary it will be the time to kick Windsurfing 2019 of. I was thinking quite a lot how Windsurfing could be then. After all those years it is still my big Love. So there is only one way. Windsurf More. More Quality. Go Bigger and send it more!







Surf 9/18 – Kos Spotguide

Hey Guys!

Last June I spent a couple of weeks in Greece. My friend Andre and me did some island hopping to produce a stories for the German Surf-Magazin. It’s the biggest Print Magazin in the Windsurfworld with around 25k issues sold every month. So if you are keen to jump on a cheap flight next summer (Vienna-Kos you can go for aroung 80!! €) Maybe this spotguide helps you. You can read it online on

Max Brinnich in Kefalos
Windsurfing in Kefalos


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Season Kickoff 18 – Medulin

This year my season kicked of super late, as I was still recovering from a small hand injury. Anyways my comeback was strong…a super nice Southwind Weekend in Croatia. Vanlife, Bureks, Beach, Sea and some wind. At least I was sailing all my Gear from 5.2 with 100l to 3.6 and 75l – was great fun and I could also test some new stubby shapes from Flikkaboards in different sizes with different fin setups. All in All a great comeback weekend – and after I was ready for some spring sessions at Home! BUT the winter kicked back – snow, ice and decent -°C temperatures made a season start in Austria impossible – so I had to escape again…




SEEN 4 – Tarifa

In my new Video SEEN 4, I take you to Tarifa, in Winter. What in Winter?! Yes, you heard right. I spent already a few winters there, for some good reasons. Everyday different conditions: waves ,chop, flat, strong, light; SUP, good match for my budget, lots of space on the water, high level. Anyways you can read on this page already a lot about Tarifa. So here is SEEN Episode4.



Surfworldcup Neusiedl

After 3 years without any competion I took part on the Surfworldcup Neusiedl. After my first ever towin behind a jetski the wind kicked in last minute Sunday midday. Anyways after sailing pretty good before my heats, the wind picked up really strong and I was really overpowered on my 5.2 and my brandnew 100l Flikka Freestyle Compact, so I had a hardtime against French Superstar Nico Akgacyian, who took me down in the end. Anyways I know I can do better than 17th – so I will probably also go to Tarifa for the next stop of the Tour, to show my skills.  Anyways I also got some good Coverage, also on the Austrian TV.


SURF 4/2017

In German Surf-Magazin (Issue 4/2017) I got some Pages about my Homespots around Lake Neusiedl and Zicksee. Hope you like it. I really wanna thank Manuel Vogel for publishing it, Mo Brinnich for a hard day of watershooting, Benni Schön for helping me out with some additonal pictures and Theresa Kellner for helping me with the Text!


Tarifa 2017

After some years of Tarifa break, I finally made it back to the small town in South of Spain. Like always winters there bring a huge variaty of conditions. I was on all my sails from 3.7 to 5.2. I was pumping in flatwater on 5.2  and thought my hands are falling of with my 3.7 in Waves. Anyways I found out that 4.4 Pure is my personal magic sail and I really love it.

After not Windsurfing for a quite a while it was very hard. I thought I could straight sail like in Brazil – EEEEHHHM NO. It got better every session, and with the mix of conditions I felt that as soon it got a bit easier – I am already very confident on ducking the sail. One day could be really good, but then the next day you sail again in very gusty conditions and you have a hard time crashing a lot although its flat.

Beside that we worked on two Videoprojects for JBL and Under Armour. We finished up both already. One is featuring a Headphone called Heartrate and the other one the brandnew JBL Flip 4. Like always it was great fun to produce this Imageclips.

Pretty soon I will release the next Episode of SEEN. It will be about this whole trip to Andalucia, this time we have less footage than normal. But the rawcut looks already really promising of a just very beautiful Video.


And when there was no wind?! Yes, SUP 🙂


Towin fun

It’s finally summer! Which means hot and warm weather without wind haha. ok we got some thunderstormsessions lately. Last weekend I spend some hours in St. Andrae close to Podersdorf on another lake called Zicksee. We used the Max Matissek Winch a bit and had great fun. My friend Jo did a good job with the winch and lovely Theresa took some pics.  I am working a lot on the double spocks and chacho in towin – stay tuned!

Beside that thanks for more than 25k Views on Seen Episode 2 – Frozen Fingers. I wasn’t expecting that and it even makes me more motivated for SEEN 3. Hopefully some Southeast wind is kicking in soon to score some bridge sessions before I leave to Brazil!


Croatia Easter 2016


Just enjoyed some windy days down there in Croatia. Since I ve been back from Capetown – it was quiet cold in Austria, but last week a proper Bora-forecast for Istria, Croatia popped up – so I finally started the Windsurfing Season also in Europe.

We had kind of mixed conditions as I was sailing all my sails from 4.2 overpowered (local guys on 3.4-3.7) to 5.0 pumping. I was sailing with Woife Strasser from Germany, one of the most inspiring guys, I met for a long time. Altough he is around 50 and has cancer – he is really fit and pushing himself into the Freestylemoves. My friend Jo took some pictures.

On the way back I dropped by at Flikkaboards – discussing some changes on the upcoming Freestyleboard and I also picked up some Testboards from the Coreline. You can now test the Allround Wave 85, Freewave 99 and 107 in Podersdorf at Surfshop USD. If you wanna try the Freestyle its also no problem – get in touch with me! I ve a couple of boards ready to go!

This time I really wanna thank Ford Beyschlag for helping me out with this nice van (already last year), but I enjoy driving so much with it!

Capetown and Tablemountain Panorama Pciture Travel

Capetown 2016

Capetown and Tablemountain Panorama Pciture

What should I say…I was expecting a bit more…I don’t know, I had a really nice time with my friends, but from the Windsurfing side it was just not as good as expected. We were driving and searching wind like crazy and we found almost wind everytime – but the conditions were not often really nice.

I was sailing a lot on different lakes and almost never on the sea. If you read through a list of the spots I ve been to it sounds like this Sandvlei-Rietvlei-Brandvlei-Brandvlei-Brandvlei-Rietvlei-Sandvlei-Doodles-Rietvlei-Melkbos-Brandvle-Rietvlei-Rietvlei-Doodles(hahahahaha) – yes, Doodles is a Bar, I know cheers to my brus Adam and Flo.

Anyways whats really positive about the trip to Capetown is, that I could finally test the Compact Freestyle from Flikkaboards – which is already such an amazing Freestyleboard. There is just a bit finetuning missing to make it overall perfect, but believe me! This board is crazy in moves. Can’t wait to ride it in strong starboardtack conditions hehe…Thanks to Luka Jures for involving so much in the development of this Skateboard, aaaah Windsurfboard 😛 (but it feels more like a Skateboard)

I am not sure I wanna do a Seen Episode from Southafrica, as I am just not happy with the clips I got, and I think Seen should be a highquality thing – BUT there are still two episodes in the making from last year..Roadtripping and Vienna, I just wanna step it up with a few more clips soon.