Capetown 2019

After working my ass of on different projects and my mission to finish my university degree, I decided that I needed a creative break. I checked the usual spots around and gave Capetown 2nd chance. With a very nice crew we hit the plane to South Africa and with us the wind arrived after a bad season (I heard). The beginnig was crazy, I sailed almost everyday on my 3.6 for Freestyle and when we hit the waves (if there were some) in the afternoon often 3,7 was the choice. After Mauritius the South African Waves were quite difficult and very sketchy to ride for me. Anyways I was pushing my level as hard as I could and tried to inhale all those vibes. In the 2nd part of the trip the South-East wind got less and less, so I got some time on the SUP surfing some small (and sometimes smaller) waves - great fun. Anyways we (Marco Lufen and me) did a some videoshooting at an inland lake called Brandvlei, I guess there will be a very short edit soon. Somehow we missed quite the best sessions for filming....BUT this trip was about surfing not filming - there is some big project coming up - I will tell you more soonish...


Yours Max