About Max Brinnich

My Life is all about Windsurfing, Travelling and Capturing Moments. Most of the time I windsurf in Freestyle Connditions which have a huge range for me. I like to sail in pure flatwater or even in bigger Waves with good Kickers, but still I never miss a gusty lightwind choppy session at my homespot! In general I always liked to work with my hands, built and repair things and bring new ideas to live. This is why I built my own board years ago, and moved to Flikkaboards already quite early when they were not so famous. They help me  in realising my dream boards and make the impossible possible. I just love those boards and working with Luka, the shaper. He built me the lightwind weapon board that made me become Austrian Windsurfchampion 2018.

Over the years of traveling the world my hobby of capturing moments, landscapes, action and emotions developed to a real passion. Right now I love to be creative, produce films and photostories. This is the reason why I create more and more content for my partners myself. In the last years with JBL we launched some very cool Windsurf/JBL Videos including amazing products in my real world!

Max Brinnich
Max Brinnich

Austrian Windsurf Champion 2018 & 2019

Name: Max Brinnich

Nickname: BR

living in: Vienna

Hobbies: Photography, Filming and Editing, Standuppaddeling, Surfing, Running, Building and Reparing things

Favourite Discipline: Freestyle

Favourite Sail: Duotone Idol LTD 4.4

Favourite Board : Flikka Freestyle Custom 92l

Favourite Moves: Shaka, Ponch, Kono

Favourite Spot: Podersdorf, Lake Neusiedl

Words to live by: Do what you love - love what you do!

Partners: Upside Down, Flikka Boards, Duotone Windsurfing, JBL, Chiemsee, Insta360

Max Brinnich
Max Brinnich