2020 – A Covid Season

Year 2020. Where should I begin. That was probably the most unexpected year for everyone – with a lot of changes for me. 

Anyways back to the start. The 2020 Season I started in Capetown as the year before. Actually it was a pretty good trip with lots of good conditions, nice light, shootings, Freestyle Sessions and of course fighting some massive 3.7 Wave Conditions with my friends.

Arriving home mid of March the shit collapsed. I mean you all now that those Covid took over our whole life – changing everything. So it was on my end as well. Almost all of my projects got cancelled and I got more and more dissapointed. As it wouldn’t be enough they did even forbid us to go Windsurfing on our Lake for more than two months. 

But then I got at least my Windsurfing Back. And I sailed more and longer than ever which will be forever the best Neusiedler Lake Season in my mind. You never know when the next wind is arriving or you will be allowed to go Windsurfing the day after. 

What followed was the first summer since I can remember where I did not go on a real trip. Something I promised to myself when I got selfemployed – that I will always go on trips and sail as much as possible. Surf-Work Balance. Anyways I ende up doing two very short trips to Denmark and Lake Garda. On Lake Garda I scored some good sessions to get back in shape for the Austrian Championships – BUT also tored my ACL. This year was getting better and better. 

The week after we had Austrian Championships, super hard light wind conditions and I had some very good heats – but still in the semi final – I was struggling with the swich power moves….so I could not make it through and finished the small final with a very strong heat (especially when you remember that I was without an ACL), landing 3 Powermoves on each side, securing me the podium with at least the highest scored heat of that day. 

Afterwards the struggle started again and even more. Lockdowns. Travelrestriction. Pain. Crutches. 

Hopefully 2021 will be a better one. With more Travelling, more Windsurfing, more Waves, more Freestyle and less negative Vibes