Actionwatersports with Music

Yes, it’s true. I windsurf with music. It’s nothing new as I started already in 2014 with it – and I loved it from the very beginning. The question why I windsurf with music is not so easy to answer. Basically it is, because I ve more fun and simply sail better (when I listen to a good Song!). It’s something which helps me getting me focused on Windsurfing. I don’t know how you feel while surfing and what you think while Windsurfing, but for me (especially when I am not focused), I am drifting away with my thoughts. I am thinking about my life, my problems, what I had for lunch, what I will do tomorrow, what should I better do in this special moment, blablabla and much much more – but what I often not think about: About the next move, how could I duck my sail better, what did I do wrong on my last attempt…and guess what Yes with music I am in my zone…and whats even better with the right music it’s much easier to step out of my own comfortzone. 

In my whole Windsurfing with music experience I tried a lot of products. Starting with a waterproofbag for my iPod Nano and some waterproof shit ION Headphones(killing that iPod soon), a few pairs of headphones later I switched to an iPod Shuffle in a pretty bad waterproofbag and again not such nice headphones from Amazon (can’t even remember the brand). iPod died again. From that moment I switch to a MP3 Player-Headphone Bundle from China, called smarttera. I had a couple of those in the last 3 years, I would say I had around 2 at least each year – but I was never satisfied qualitiy and the headphones fell out easily and were not so nice to wear – but it worked and I could sail with music. 

Last year in Amsterdam JBL came with their new sports headphones- and hey the unofficial launchpaper already wowed me. Fully waterproof headphone with integrated mp3 player. YES. I was burning for this product already more than 8 months before its launch. And guess what when Eduard gave me the first sample and said I should try it and produce a sick video in Brazil- I was like: HELL YEAH, thats the product I was waiting for. I took it with me to brazil and was already in love with it- and it was just the first proto:

In the end the ENDURANCE DIVE, is everything I was searching for for years and until now it’s the only headphone/mp3 player bundle I can really recommend you for action watersports!

Whats better than on any other products I tried?

  • all in one solution – just a pair of headphones (no mp3 player, wires around your body, in your wetsuit needed)
  • very good sound quality
  • headphones stay super save in the ear and never hurt
  • you can use the Endurance Dive as a normal bluethooth headphone aswell
  • use in other situation of your life is possible (I would never ever do this with the waterproof solutions I used before)

I used the headphone also during the Event in Neusiedl (was not the fault of the headphone I could not get a better result than 17th) and during the Austrian Championships- which I won (I could stay super focused with my music). Since I ve the endproduct I did not have many sessions without music and I am still convinced that this is the way a headphone for watersport should look like – well done JBL.