Tarifa 2017

After some years of Tarifa break, I finally made it back to the small town in South of Spain. Like always winters there bring a huge variaty of conditions. I was on all my sails from 3.7 to 5.2. I was pumping in flatwater on 5.2  and thought my hands are falling of with my 3.7 in Waves. Anyways I found out that 4.4 Pure is my personal magic sail and I really love it.

After not Windsurfing for a quite a while it was very hard. I thought I could straight sail like in Brazil – EEEEHHHM NO. It got better every session, and with the mix of conditions I felt that as soon it got a bit easier – I am already very confident on ducking the sail. One day could be really good, but then the next day you sail again in very gusty conditions and you have a hard time crashing a lot although its flat.

Beside that we worked on two Videoprojects for JBL and Under Armour. We finished up both already. One is featuring a Headphone called Heartrate and the other one the brandnew JBL Flip 4. Like always it was great fun to produce this Imageclips.

Pretty soon I will release the next Episode of SEEN. It will be about this whole trip to Andalucia, this time we have less footage than normal. But the rawcut looks already really promising of a just very beautiful Video.


And when there was no wind?! Yes, SUP 🙂