Autumn 2016

That’t it. The End. With the winter about to arrive and my last session in freezing conditions just done yesterday I am closing the saison in Austria at this point. This year the autumn was really not delivering like the last years. Sad. Anyways I scored some session on the lake and one amazing full power bridge day in vienna – probably the strongest day I ve ever sailed there.

The new 2017 Gaastra Pures are really awesome. What I like the most about them?! Compared to the 2016 sails the pressure moved a bit more forward, so the sails pull less on the backhand and more on your fronthand. You feel less overpowered and the sail duck got a bit easier, cause the sail depowers a bit better and as it has less power on the backhand you can do the ducks a bit slower.  Especially the 4.4 is a weapon. If I would have to choose one sail I could use everyday 4.4 is the one. I think I did my biggest airskopu ever with 4.4 under the bridge. I ve never been that high before I am sure…I love the sails..

Future plans?! I don’t really know. There is some interesting project coming up very soon and then I would like to go windsurfing in some warmer places…What I also found out for myself, I don’t like pure flatwater that much anymore…so I am probably about to start to get into the waver a lot more next year…there are few destinations I am thinking about to round it up to a small worldtrip: Canary Islands, Tarifa, UK, Oman, Sri Lanka, Brasil, Cape Town, Maui…but as the past showed me making plans is good – but in the end everything is different anyways! So probably the best is to set the goal to: sail as much as possible with all my friends all over the world

Over and out