Brazil 2016

Thats it. For Brazil 2016. What an amazing time…

The last two months past really fast. First my friends at me stayed in Jericoacoara – a pretty known spot 😉 With my Buddy Chris ( I was shooting for Seen Episode III – The Vision. Seen III will be very different to the last two episodes – so I am excited to show my baby to the world. It should be out very soon and couple of JBL Clips for the IFA, which will also appear on Facebook and other Social Media Channels.

Anyways. Jeri was very cool, but the wind made a bit of a slow start and I was everyday on 4.6 for the first one or two weeks in July. What I like about Jeri is that it feels like coming home. Everybody is happy to see you and it feels very familar, so the first weeks were a lot about catching up with Edvan, Aurora, Hugo, Jonathan, Jamilson, Renato, and my more!!!  Then suddenly the wind came back to the normal strength and I was lot on my 4.2. Classic Jeri Conditions. We tried to make a lot out of it and Chris filmed quite a bit with his new waterhousing and the new drone – some of the shots are insane – be prepared…

Same time my girlfriend (yes I am in a serious relationship finally) dropped by and we had some lonely evening sessions where she learned to Windsurf really good. Suddenly she felt ready to try new spots, so we started to drive around a bit. With the whole Crew we hade pure soulsessions in Lagoa Paraiso and River Guriu.

After six weeks Jeri it was enough and time to move on. I heard a lot about a spot which is called „Maceio“ close to Camocim. So Jo Meyer (a lot of my pictures a made by him), Luki, my brother Mo, Theresa and me started the adventure into the unknown. Sadly Chris was staying behind in Jeri (I still dont know why really haha).

Maceio is a crazy place. Yes it’s true, if they tell you there is not much. But there is enough to have a happy life. We were living in nice house next to the beach. The Buggygarage was our surfstation with our rigged sails. The owner was mega nice and cooked fresh fish, soup and Langosta for us very often.

Max Brinnich Maceio

Windsurfing in Maceio was quite tough. Its crazy strong, the waves have a bit more power and with the wrong tide its mega choppy – but with the right tide this place is amazing. But its good to bring a lot of equipment – the boys were killing the boards and the sails haha. Unluckily my brother hurt is foot on the first day and could not sail anymore – but in the end he was still happy us the life next to the sea is amazing with all the friendly people around.

A few times we were riding to Camocim for some pure flatwater – but I realized quite soon that I like the powerfreestyle conditons with the small waves in Maceio much much more – you can throw huge culos, konos, shakas, shifties…and its flat between the waves as well.

Thank you to Edvan and Aurora, Hugo, Jamilson, Fabrizio, Ana, Omar, Jeri250, Kitezen