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The Magic Board

Flikka Compact Freestyle

It was about three years ago when I started thinking about making a really short freestyleboard. This was actually the first (and only) board I built myself. Vicky (the board) was about 215cm long and 60 wide – actually it didnt work that bad, but it was just mega heavy. In the meantime I signed up with Flikkaboards and we progressed their freestyleshape. At the point where I thought the board doesnt need any change I tried a small „Compact Waveboard“. From that moment on the „short“ freestyleboard was back into my mind. So I asked Luka about building a proto – I ended up taking a 210cm long 90l Freestyleboard to Capetown and everybody was really sceptic, me too! During the trip I was using the proto more than the normal board, because I fell in love from the very first moment on. Although there were quite some things which were not perfect.