Spring 2016

wow. That was intense. Last couple of weeks – finally the wind found his way to Austria. First it was still pretty warm an we could sail some session without shoes, gloves, and hats. My friend Chris from CC-Films dropped by and we started filming the last bits for SEEN 2 – „Frozen Fingers“. Which will be out really really soon. We thoughts its already quite warm and its a perfect forecast for Podersdorf and filming. In the end it got way too cold (far below 10 degrees), grey, rainy and the wind was not that strong. But we got plenty of good footage. It’s a bit less radical but it tells the story of sailing in those mega cold conditions quite good – when you cant feel your fingers, your toes and every movement is so hard with the mega thick wetsuit – but you still love what you do!

Last week we got some another good week with nice conditions – and my buddy Max Matissek helped me out a bit with filming – so we could step the clips from SEEN 2 even a bit up. Anyways we had some really fun days pushing each other and having a great time – thats what Windsurfing is about.

End of this Week the Surfworldcup Podersdorf will take place for a last time. Unfortunately I will not compete – BUT I can’t wait to see all ma friends from all over the world again and have a good time at the Event (find me at the Chiemsee or JBL tent). On friday a new campaign of JBL will be released and it looks to be something different – make sure you follow my Facebook page to be uptodate!