Capetown and Tablemountain Panorama Pciture Travel

Capetown 2016

Capetown and Tablemountain Panorama Pciture

What should I say…I was expecting a bit more…I don’t know, I had a really nice time with my friends, but from the Windsurfing side it was just not as good as expected. We were driving and searching wind like crazy and we found almost wind everytime – but the conditions were not often really nice.

I was sailing a lot on different lakes and almost never on the sea. If you read through a list of the spots I ve been to it sounds like this Sandvlei-Rietvlei-Brandvlei-Brandvlei-Brandvlei-Rietvlei-Sandvlei-Doodles-Rietvlei-Melkbos-Brandvle-Rietvlei-Rietvlei-Doodles(hahahahaha) – yes, Doodles is a Bar, I know cheers to my brus Adam and Flo.

Anyways whats really positive about the trip to Capetown is, that I could finally test the Compact Freestyle from Flikkaboards – which is already such an amazing Freestyleboard. There is just a bit finetuning missing to make it overall perfect, but believe me! This board is crazy in moves. Can’t wait to ride it in strong starboardtack conditions hehe…Thanks to Luka Jures for involving so much in the development of this Skateboard, aaaah Windsurfboard 😛 (but it feels more like a Skateboard)

I am not sure I wanna do a Seen Episode from Southafrica, as I am just not happy with the clips I got, and I think Seen should be a highquality thing – BUT there are still two episodes in the making from last year..Roadtripping and Vienna, I just wanna step it up with a few more clips soon.