Brazil 2015 – WOW

I probably had the best summer I could imagine. The conditions tried to kill my confidence every single day. I took a rest just 3 days long – but you could sail every day at least on 4.6! In videos Jeri always looks like a perfect spot, but in the end it’s super hard to sail there: it’s gusty, it’s choppy, there are small waves on bigger ones and it can be f*** strong. In the end I loved it. I went for maaaaaaaassive shifties…crashed harder that I could imagine ever before: spit blood, had to vomit – cause the harness hook went straight into my stomach, and could not open my mouth one day, because I hit the boom so hard with my head. Sounds bad, actually no. Thanks Edvan (one of the craziest and nicest guys) I ever met I got more and more into this shifty thing, and just on my last days I landed my first one!!! And a good point about the training of this move was that I got control in mega Shakas!! I did some which were at least 5 or 6metres high! My crew in Brazil was just perfect with my brothers Mo(my real one), Chris (my bro from another mother) and Martina – who is one of the most awesome girls I ve ever met. Thank you all so much.
Chris founded CC-Films and beside doing a very nice imagevideo for JBL we did the first Episode of my upcoming video series „SEEN“.

This is just the warmup. I wanna do basically 2-3 highquality a year from now on. Maybe this sound now a bit enthusiastic, but they idea behind is to create something, like a platform where i summarize my best memories and keep them alive for later. Maybe just from a day, maybe from a longtrip or just from an incredible weekend at home. In the end SEEN is less about the action and more about feelings, nice places and moments I don’t want to forget. Right now I am already working on episode2 which will be completly different from episode1 for sure.