Spring 2015 – BR IS BACK!!!!!

Hard to get it into words. My whole life changed a lot and I travelled more than ever. Tomorrow I will leave to brazil – so maybe its good to summarize it a bit for myself haha.Since mid of March I slept 6 times in my bed, I was on tour for 16 Weeks now – travelled through many countries, windsurfed a lot although two doctors told me that I wont be able to windsurf this year!

What a stupid shit! Anyways its all a bit too much for one post here – but what I really wanna point out is the amazing time I had in Izola, Slovenia working in a sportcamp as a Windsurfinstructor. I could to a lot of sport in my sparetime and got some really nice boradays in Izola, Grado, Marina Julia and Triest in Italy (which is also really close) ending the months with some serious south winds in Medulin, Croatia.

What also should be pointed out is that from now on I am sponsored by Ford Beyschlag and I am driving a brandnew Ford Transit Custom – Thanks a lot for this support!