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New Video

Time to make it official: SEEN 8, my new Video is here. This time you can find some crazy action from Vienna’s Citywindsurf Spot: „The Bridge“. But then…What is going on?! I crash straight into the 80s?! But hey Windsurfing was still there, the cars were sick aswell, the closes and sunglasses had a different style, but they had style, and the Windsurfequipment? Yes, different – but unexpected very good rideable and good fun. To say the truth riding the old Sunset Slalom with the more than 30year old North Sails was one of my best Crusing and Freeridedays I ve ever had – so much fun! But now go and check the Video.

Ah yes, and the Video takes part in the Video Competition. Check it out.


SEEN 4 – Tarifa

In my new Video SEEN 4, I take you to Tarifa, in Winter. What in Winter?! Yes, you heard right. I spent already a few winters there, for some good reasons. Everyday different conditions: waves ,chop, flat, strong, light; SUP, good match for my budget, lots of space on the water, high level. Anyways you can read on this page already a lot about Tarifa. So here is SEEN Episode4.



Brazil 2015 – WOW

I probably had the best summer I could imagine. The conditions tried to kill my confidence every single day. I took a rest just 3 days long – but you could sail every day at least on 4.6! In videos Jeri always looks like a perfect spot, but in the end it’s super hard to sail there: it’s gusty, it’s choppy, there are small waves on bigger ones and it can be f*** strong. In the end I loved it. I went for maaaaaaaassive shifties…crashed harder that I could imagine ever before: spit blood, had to vomit – cause the harness hook went straight into my stomach, and could not open my mouth one day, because I hit the boom so hard with my head. Sounds bad, actually no. Thanks Edvan (one of the craziest and nicest guys) I ever met I got more and more into this shifty thing, and just on my last days I landed my first one!!! And a good point about the training of this move was that I got control in mega Shakas!! I did some which were at least 5 or 6metres high! My crew in Brazil was just perfect with my brothers Mo(my real one), Chris (my bro from another mother) and Martina – who is one of the most awesome girls I ve ever met. Thank you all so much.
Chris founded CC-Films and beside doing a very nice imagevideo for JBL we did the first Episode of my upcoming video series „SEEN“.

This is just the warmup. I wanna do basically 2-3 highquality a year from now on. Maybe this sound now a bit enthusiastic, but they idea behind is to create something, like a platform where i summarize my best memories and keep them alive for later. Maybe just from a day, maybe from a longtrip or just from an incredible weekend at home. In the end SEEN is less about the action and more about feelings, nice places and moments I don’t want to forget. Right now I am already working on episode2 which will be completly different from episode1 for sure.