Travelspecial 2017

Hey Guys!

2017 was amazing. I was travelling more than 5 months in total and spending quite some time on homespots aswell. I started the year in Tarifa, had some amazing days on the Adriatic Sea, an pretty decent spring season in Podersdorf and under the Bridge, followed up by windy time in Fuerte Ventura, some creative time in Sri Lanka and ended up with being in my almost second home in Brazil. Unfortunately I ended up with a broken hand in Jericoacoara which forced me to skip January and February from the Windsurfing side. But as I am writing this sentence I can tell you, I am finally 100% back. Check out my Story in World of Windsurf Magazin. Direct Link:


Brazil 2017 – Seen VII

The new episode takes you to Brazil again. After researching for weeks where to go in November, I ended up in a Pickup to Jeri again. This video shows what Jericoacoara this year had to offer for me. Lot’s of (almost) lonely sessions down in front of the duna – where nobody is sailing (ok because it can be quite gusty). I really wanna make a huge shout out to the Band * repeat repeat, because they gave me this awesome song for this video! *repeat repeat – Not the One A big thank you also goes to my awesome girlfriend -Theresa Kellner – for the continues support in everything and especially watershooting – sorry for getting too close sometimes. In addition thanks to Alex Mertens who stepped it up with a few clips (and the awesome drone shots) and Felix Volkhardt who helped me staying motivated.


Seen 6 Windsurfing in Sri Lanka

Here is my newest Video. Episode 6 already of my SEEN Webseries. I will post a longer post about Windsurfing, Spots, Travel and much more in Sri Lanka soonish, but I am pretty busy right now – finishing some work on the Lake, getting my last session in Austria tmrw, flying to Amsterdam on Tuesday for some exciting news coming soon and then travel to Brazil next week…


Sri Lanka 2017


Back in Europe, back in reality, but hey this trip was the hell of a ride. Epic. From the Windsurfside of life it was a lot of lightwind Windsurfing – I was most of the time on my 5.2 Idol LTD 2018 and my 100l Flikkaboards Freestyle (but the compact one with just 210 length, an epic board btw). After the 4 weeks in Sri Lanka, I ve to say I got better in those lightwind conditions and in the end I got some proper sessions with my 4.8 aswell. Some days I could use even my 4.4.

Windsurfing in Sri Lanka from Max Brinnich
But what made this trip an incredible one? That’s actually hard to say, but I like the friendly local people, the food, the cultur, the adventure aswell the amazing DESILVA Windresort Crew. Beside Windsurfing in Kalpitiya in the North West of Sri Lanka, I traveled also down to the south to catch a few waves in Weligama, as there was no swell in the famous Arugam Bay.
What’s also great about Sri Lanka is, that you can check some cultural places and somehow they have a lot of energy – hard to describe.

Anyways there will be a few videos dropping soon – SEEN 6, JBL Sri Lanka Stories and probably a Sri Lanka Impressions Videos aswell. And I will give you a proper Sri Lanka Story and Guide aswell on my page in the following weeks, so stay tuned.

Whats next?! Actually I am trying to make a winterplan these days, looks like I am heading to Brazil in the end of October.


Fuerte 2017 + new Video

Soooo thats it for Fuerte! Anyway it was quite windy haha. I realized one more time that 4.4 is the perfect sailsize, I learned how to Pasko on the way in, I ducked my sail 200 000 times, I tried to loop on my bad tack, and I crashed around 1 000 000 sailducks – ah yeah and I survived 55 knots with 4.4. My highlight of the trip was a lonely evening session with 4.0 and my waveboard  -with waves. I could ride them and really play on it – unfortunatly we thought this happens more often and did not film – yes, because of the flying sand – so we missed all my best session. Anyway I put together a quick edit at it would be sad not to use the footage as some of the shots are pretty good, while some shots are not that brilliant. Anyways thanks to Theresa who made this video possible. We are going to Sri Lanka already this week – so there is more coming… very soon!


Poolparty feat. JBL Pulse 3

Recently I made a little poolparty to test out the JBL Pulse 3 and sure we captured a video of it. Hope you like it.



Back in Fuerte Ventura – new Boards Part I

After 5 years I am back in Fuerte Ventura. It’s windy everyday and sometimes it’s even too windy. Before I came here I got a new Freestyleboard from Flikkaboards. It’s a compact Freestyle 207cm long, 62cm wide, 90l big. It’s awesome as usual. So I wanted to give this little baby a own Video and as there was a huge hightide we did a small session in the lagoon. Unfortunatly the Waterhousing steamed up very fast – so its just a few moves and positive vibes. As I got a new Freestylewavesboard aswell – there will be another Video soon 😉


Changed to North Sails

After 9 years on Gaastra Sails it was time for a new adventure – so from now on I will be on North Windsurfing Sails. I will be using the Idol LTD for Freestyle and I have some Super Heros aswell for some Wavesessions. Here is a short Video I made during the USD Next Generation Week.


New JBL Videos are online!

Here are two new Videos from JBL online! One is from Brazil last year, and another one is from Tarifa earlier this year. Hope you like it.

The JBL Charge 3 is waterproof, you can recharge your phone if necessary and has an awesome sound. You can find all the Infos here.

And here you go: JBL Flip 4. The best thing about is? You can connect a lot of speakers together to get a better sound, a yes and its waterproof aswell.