A Comeback Season

Puh. I was working hard for that. After the break up with my ACL – I was struggling a lot. Anyways more Covid Restrictions made it travelling this Winter difficult anyways. So I launched into the news season super early. 29th of February. 6 Weeks after I was using crutches. And oh man. I could not resist going all in again….haha. Sailing in the cold was quite nice for my knee as it got less swolen but my fingers, face and toes did not like it soo much. I was still struggling a lot in going swich as I could hardly twist. The spring went by super fast. I started Winging (maybe I give you a quick update on my Wingstory here aswell). I did a Video about one of my favourite spots: the bridge. 

Despite a lot of personal problems I went to Fuerte with my friends. First real Windsurftrips for ages. We had so much fun on this boystrip. Max Matissek and me pushing back to bounderies in Freestyle. And I realized for the first time in ages that I still have a lot in the tank and I wanna push more and more. So here we are. Short before changing my Life to more Windsurfing again. As a sidenote over the last years I got a fulltime filmmaker/cinematograher and I really enjoy my job: if you wanna follow my journey check out:

The Lake season btw was pretty good with the added Wingsport I could be more on the water than ever. But check out a few of my pics…

I just came back from Garda Lake working as a Videographer for Duotone Windsurfing for the first time. I stayed one day longer and got some nice Winging done there aswell. Anyways Winter is approaching fast so it’s finally time for my first winterescape since almost forever. I am hyped. 

I will end up the Year with an amazing trip to Brazil…but more in the next post…