Spring Season in Austria

An awesome Springseason here in Austria comes to an end, I guess this was one of the best years I can remember. Podersdorf and the Bridge were delivering! You name it, we had it. 3.6 full power for days? YES! 4.4 perfect freestyle conditions and warm water?! Yes, 5.2 lonely Foiling yes!!!
One of my personal highlights: winning the Austrian Champonships again. So I can call myself at least for one more year Austrian Freestyle Champion #twoinarow. check my short insta360 edit below…

Changes: Boardwise, we started quite early with developing the Freestyle Board further. After Capetown (and almost 3 seasons without changes) I had some ideas and wishes to make the Freestyle compact better. I was testing a few boards and was really conviced that I need more control but wanna keep the Skateboardfeeling – as some of the productionboards were quite boring. We introduced a wider square nose and more parallel rails. Further more we changed the length fromn 207 to 211 to get a bit more control in gnarly conditions into the board, to achieve that also the bottom got a slightly work over. Well, it works pretty good. After testing some days and changing boards run per run, tuning the setup I am convinced that this is my weapon of choice.

Foil: Yes I am going Foiling a lot lately, as it increases my Windsurfdays on Lake Neusiedl to almost 100% if I am keen. As many of you keep asking me through instagram. The biggest sail I use is the Duotone Idol 5.2 My Board is a custom Flikka Foil Board with a length of 204 and 74 wide and has 105l. I would describe it as a easy freeride board, perfect for learning. I made some fast progress on and can really recommend you a pure foilboard. If I feel ready for more advanced freestyle (I already do 360, Duckjibes, Jumps, riding fullspeed back….) I think I gonna change to something different, a bit more agile – but for now this board is perfect for me.
I use a Fanatic Foil with the „smaller“ 900 Frontwing. This is enough for me to fly when there is almost no wind (15m kites not working on a waveboard). I found out with my weight this has more control than a bigger frontwing.

Future Plans:
I gonna travel to Mauritius soon, will try to boost my level one more. Let’s see. Beside that I will put a lot of effort in my Media Project „Visionstorm“. I also realized my first TV Show for A1 now this spring which includes also some portrait of me – will let you know as soon it’s watchable!